Why is Protein so important?


| Rebuilds and repairs new cells, muscles and tissues:

Also known as the Building Blocks of Life, protein repairs our cells and tissues, and makes new ones!

Did You Know?
✔︎ This is why wounds are likely to heal faster if you take more protein. 


| Supports our immune system:

Protein supports our immune system by helping to produce antibodies like Immunoglobulins and antioxidants like Glutathione¹.

¹References: Geoffrey al. JACN 2007 Vol 26, No.6 Emerging Health Properties of Whey Protein and their Clinical Implications


| Our body needs sufficient PROTEIN everyday to function properly:

Sufficient protein intake is essential for several important functions of the body including growth and maintenance of tissues, regulation of metabolic reactions, pH level, fluid balance and much more².

²Reference: Gavin Van De Walle, MS, RD, 2018. 9 Important Functions of Protein in Your Body. Healthline.

Did You Know?
✔︎ Unlike carbs and fats, our body does not store proteinover a long period of time, which is why we need to consume adequate protein everyday.


| Building and maintaining muscles:

Protein helps us to build and maintain muscle mass and strength which are crucial for us to operate our body freely, stay active, and perform daily tasks


| Protein is a Macronutrient:

Macronutrients are nutrients which are required by the body in large amounts (required in grams). 

Protein, carbs and fats are known as Macronutrients, while vitamins and minerals like Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Iron, Calcium etc are known as Micronutrients which are required by the body in a much smaller amount (required in miligrams or micrograms). 

About Myotein

100% Bioactive Whey Protein

0% Added Sugar, Flavourings, Preservatives

Clean, Real,
Fast Protein

Myotein® - For Everyday Use

Do You Know How Much​ Protein Do you need every day?

For a healthy adult, we need 1g of Protein for every kg of our bodyweight*.

50kg = Requires 50G of Protein Everyday

Older adults, expecting mothers and certain sick individuals may need even more than this!

*RNI Malaysia.

the new packaging of Myotein High Whey Protein



100% Bioactive Whey Protein Concentrate

Myotein® - Bioactive Whey Protein Concentrate

Recommended dosage and consumption 

2 scoops of Myotein High Whey Protein per serving (1 scoop = 5g protein)

Mix Myotein High Whey Protein with beverage of choice

Stir well and serve

Enjoy Myotein High Whey Protein twice a day

Myotein® - Bioactive Whey Protein Concentrate

Goes Well With Almost Any Beverages!

Note: Please consume it warm or cold, and avoid boiling, hot liquids to preserve bioactive properties. 

Cocoa Drink
Cereal or Multigrain Drink

Myotein® - 100% Bioactive Whey Protein Concentrate

Why and when do we need Extra Protein?

Reference: Nutrition Society of Malaysia

When our regular, Malaysian diet contains mostly Carbohydrates (usually over 50%) such as rice, noodles and bread over Protein (usually within 10% - 20%).
Nasi Lemak

80g Carbs; 13g Protein

Nasi Goreng

103g Carbs; 21g Protein

Noodle Soup

40g Carbs; 18g Protein

Roti Bakar/ Toast

 32g Carbs; 4g Protein

Roti Canai

48g Carbs; 7g Protein

When you wish to meet daily protein requirements in a quick, easy and healthy way
Just add 2 scoops into a drink, twice a day

2 scoops of Myotein is equivalent to 10g of Protein, and 10g of Protein is approximately equivalent to,

When it’s difficult to get sufficient protein from whole foods or a normal diet
Elderly with loss of appetite or facing any difficulties in eating

Myotein® - 100% Bioactive Whey Protein Concentrate

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Myotein has no flavouring or added sugar.

Yes, and they may need even more than usual dosage (depending on the type of illness) as cancer patients commonly need more protein due to intensive treatment and medicines. Please consult medical advice on the required dosage per day to sustain patient.

Yes, one serving per day (2 scoops).

No, Myotein is not a protein shake or meal replacement as it is purely Whey Protein, that is meant to supplement a person’s regular diet to meet daily protein requirements.

One (1) scoop or serving of Myotein is 5g protein.

Purely natural bioactive whey protein concentrate made of fresh cow’s milk from healthy and happy cows in New Zealand. No preservative, flavouring or other substances added.

Myotein’s bioactive whey protein is a source of Complete Protein, which contains ALL essential Amino Acids required by the human body. What’s more, it is also free from carcinogens (usually found in meat and heavily processed food).


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